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Imlug Remote Backup System

IRBS makes backup copies of directories and storages a copy in local machine and send other with Rsync, Ssh or Ftp to a remote server.

For backup your host configuration you can look in iBackup.

    You need to create a config file with irbs-conf
    Make the copy with: irbs configfile
Now you must introduce the password in the remote machine on line, in future versions could be possible to storage the pass in uncertain place and you will be able to put a call for irbs in cron.

IRBS Info Page at SourceForge


2003-01-12: Lanzado IRAE, nuevo proyecto IMLUG, un cliente para el diccionario de la RAE.

2002-12-31: 0.5.0 New Year version. Preparing the next big release.
2002-04-15: 0.4.0 Guadec-Sevilla version, some days late but... Ftp support added. Eliminated .gif images now .png. Only free formats :-)
2002-02-09: 0.3.5 Some problems fixed. See current/Changelog.
2002-02-01: 0.3.4 IRBS en Espaņol.
2002-01-22: 0.3.3 Out, correction of minor mistake that has do that config file from 0.3.1 don't work with irbs-0.3.2
2002-01-16: 0.3.2 on the air. Selection FTA File Transfer Agent, Ssh or Rsync. Interactive selection of config file.
2001-12-27: 0.3.1 out. Spanish man pages for irbs and irbs-conf. Uses ssh as FTA File Transportation Agent.

Current Release

See the last release on line here



bunzip2 irbs-0.4.0.tar.bz2
tar -xvf irbs-0.4.0.tar
cd irbs-0.4.0
make install

gunzip irbs-0.4.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf irbs-0.4.0.tar
cd irbs-0.4.0
make install


Actually the program is only in English and Spanish, you can make the translation of the files irbs-i18n.xx and irbs-conf-i18n.xx into your language, and send me for the next realase.
The man pages are in Spanish.

The IRBS Development Team


IRAE, nuevo proyecto IMLUG, un cliente para el diccionario de la RAE.

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